IoT Button for Door Opening – Part 2

In the previous blog post, I wrote how we built an IoT device to open the office door via Slack. We controlled a relay via a Raspberry Pi to create a short circuit on the intercom’s door opening button. A server on the Raspberry Pi is called via a POST request when someone types “/door open” in our Slack channel.

This solution works perfectly so that everyone can open the door on the mobile phone from the outside of the building. But from the inside, it would be easier to open the door for visitors with a button press. For this reason, I built an IoT button and connected it to our solution.
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Learn How to Code – From Zero to Hero

Coding skills are more asked than ever before. Nowadays, many possibilities are waiting for you if you are able to code. You can start projects for fun or create a business out of it afterwards. An overwhelming amount of tools, tutorials, instructions, and videos are are available online. The only obstacle that might hinder you is yourself and a lack of motivation. Now you might ask yourself how to start if you don’t have any experience in programming.

I have never learned web development and the necessary tools during my education. This year, I took it seriously and wanted to start coding to develop my own projects. I wanted to dig deeper into web development including all the necessary elements (e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular2, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, …). There exist a lot of possibilities to start with, I want to show you which one worked best for me how to get from zero to hero.

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