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Writing a Product Description from Scratch

Starting to write a new product description of a completely new digital product is hard. You have to find a structured way to describe the whole picture and not get lost in the details. You also might already have some images in your mind how specific screens should look like.

It is important to draw a holistic high-level description first that covers the main functions of the product. Thereby do not get lost in details in some areas and at the same time not forget about other areas. Always think in an MVP way, many details can be neglected first and are not relevant to the main actions of the user on the platform. For me, two elements proved most important for structuring a product description and covering the most important points:

  • Write in user flows
  • Concentrate on the WHAT and not on the HOW

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Why Life is Like a Mountain Hike

This post draws a comparison between an entrepreneurial life and a mountian hike. Thereby many similarities are observed. What makes a successful hike, also leads to a successful life.  

I was on a mountain trip with friends for a few days last week, and we hiked across a mountain range in the Austrian Alps. Hiking is a passion of mine and I am always delighted to be in the beautiful nature to switch off and “recharge my batteries“.

During the mountain hikes, I always discover parallels between an entrepreneurial life and climbing a mountain. I want to discuss some of these here.
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