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Writing a Product Description from Scratch

Starting to write a new product description of a completely new digital product is hard. You have to find a structured way to describe the whole picture and not get lost in the details. You also might already have some images in your mind how specific screens should look like.

It is important to draw a holistic high-level description first that covers the main functions of the product. Thereby do not get lost in details in some areas and at the same time not forget about other areas. Always think in an MVP way, many details can be neglected first and are not relevant to the main actions of the user on the platform. For me, two elements proved most important for structuring a product description and covering the most important points:

  • Write in user flows
  • Concentrate on the WHAT and not on the HOW


Write in user workflows

I prefer to write product descriptions based on the main workflows of the users on the platform.
How is a user using the platform? What are his main actions and workflows? By considering this you focus on describing the most important features and also thinking the use from beginning to end. Also if there are different types of users on the platform, you can write down the workflows for each user.


If you are building a two-sided platform (with Buyers and Sellers), write down the workflows for both Buyers and Sellers.
The typical workflow of a Buyer, in short, could be:
Registration – Account Activation – Browsing for Products – Adding Products to the Cart – Go to Checkout – Track the Order
As a next step, this can be broken down into smaller parts and help to visualize the user flows.


Concentrate on the WHAT instead of the HOW

When describing the user-specific workflows, focus on answering WHAT the user want to get done and not HOW he is getting his job done. In the product development process, it is important to follow the sequence and not skip steps because you would narrow down too early and develop a product that does not satisfy the user’s needs. Don’t focus too early on the HOW. HOW the user acts can be answered later and is also the job of a UX expert. First, think about WHAT does the user want to do in the step of the workflow.


As a Buyer, I want to find the right products so that I can buy them.
This example would describe the process for browsing for products on a high level. Only as a next, step we would try to find out and describe what he needs to find the right products, how products should be displayed to the user, which type of filters are necessary, etc.



In this article, I wanted to summarize my approach on how to start writing a product description of a completely new digital product. How it can be started and on what you should focus on in the beginning in order to write a holistic overview of a product description.

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