IoT Office Door Opener via Slack

We built Hodor, a simple IoT solution that is integrated into a building’s door control system. It enables easy door control via Slack.

The Motive

We were always disturbed by the annoying and disturbing sounds from the doorbell in our office. Therefore, we were thinking about a solution that solves this issue with minimal effort. We built Hodor, a door opener that is integrated into the existing intercom system.

How it Works

We imitate a button press on the intercom by short-circuiting the physical button on the intercom. The circuit is closed by a simple relay which is controlled by a simple NodeJs server running on a Raspberry Pi. Via Dataplicity, we open the Raspberry Pi’s port to the public. The server is then called via the Slack command "/door".


Find the full article with a more detailed description here:
Hodor on Medium
Find the source code here:

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