Learn How to Code – From Zero to Hero

Coding skills are more asked than ever before. Nowadays, many possibilities are waiting for you if you are able to code. You can start projects for fun or create a business out of it afterwards. An overwhelming amount of tools, tutorials, instructions, and videos are are available online. The only obstacle that might hinder you is yourself and a lack of motivation. Now you might ask yourself how to start if you don’t have any experience in programming.

I have never learned web development and the necessary tools during my education. This year, I took it seriously and wanted to start coding to develop my own projects. I wanted to dig deeper into web development including all the necessary elements (e.g. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular2, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, …). There exist a lot of possibilities to start with, I want to show you which one worked best for me how to get from zero to hero.

Step 1: Study with online code schools

In the beginning, it is important to be guided and get useful explanations. You should learn step by step to avoid frustration, which is achieved best with online coding schools. I can recommend Codecademy and Codeschhool to acquire new basic skills for web development. Both platforms use similar teaching approaches which consist of explanations and online exercises. They provide a free basic version and a premium version. To learn more about specific topics like machine learning or mobile development, Udacity offers excellent free courses.

Step 2: Use tutorials/instructions for first projects

When you successfully completed some courses in the online coding schools, you might already feel like a champion – confident to overcome all future challenges. But as soon as you try to program something a bit different than the exercises you practiced, you might get stuck immediately. Therefore I can recommend continuing with some tutorials e.g. Instructables. Users often write well-documented guides for funny projects.

Step 3: Read the documentations

When you get stuck or don’t know how to use a new framework or technology. It is always the best method to read through the documentation of the stack itself. Most of the time they are described very well and also provide some tutorials and ways to getting started.

Step 4: Do your own project and ask stack overflow for help

At some point in time, it is just about getting more practice. Learning by doing is the cue. Browse the internet for inspiration and start coding your own projects. When you are stuck, there is always Google or Stack overflow ready to help.

I hope you find the recommendations useful. Let me know about it in the comments if another approach worked better for you.

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