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Everyone knows that it is important to exercise regularly in order to stay healthy and fit, and at the same time everyone knows how hard it is to get motivated. I’d like to share my experiences on how I set up a daily workout routine. Doing the 7-min-workout* every day helps me overcome my inner resistance and increase my fitness.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.“ – Jim Rohn

First, a disclaimer: I am not a fitness junkie, and there will be no “before” or “after” photos of any transformation of a corpulent body into a beefy one.7-min workout daily routine

Feeling Fitter

A body that is in good shape and healthy can make you feel happier throughout the day. Actually, the body is the only place you have to live and should therefore be cared for. This is not a new finding, it’s a proven fact, but it’s rather surprising that only a small number of people pay attention to their body. To be honest, I often lack the motivation to work out. I always have reasons to procrastinate until the next day, leading to a sloppy training schedule. It was difficult for me to constantly conquer my weaker self.

I found a life hack: I started to do the 7-minute workout every day. For me, doing it in the morning right after getting up is best because I am not too tired to look for excuses. One cycle doesn’t last longer than 10 minutes, which means that there should always be enough time for it. If not, just sleep 10 minutes less. The outcome will be more rewarding than 10 more minutes of sleep. As the workout lasts only a short time, you won’t feel very exhausted afterwards. It’s also a good cardio training and equips you with a good feeling for the entire day.

The Daily Routine

Setting up a daily routine is the whole magic behind accomplishing this goal. It is as easy as it sounds.
When you force yourself to do it every day, there is no more excuse to procrastinate. If you think it’s enough to do it every second or third day, you won’t be able to take it seriously and eventually become sloppier. It has to become automatic for you, a daily routine. It is rewarding and you will be proud about yourself when you look at your performance and the progress you make.

I have been doing this routine for more than 100 consecutive days. I don’t know yet how long I will continue it, but I only know that I don’t want to stop…

The 7-min-workout is a short intensive workout consisting typically of 12 different exercises for the whole body. I use this app, which is simple and does its job.

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